Tourism for Cape Town: A Bounce-Back Strategy

Our sector has been amongst the hardest hit by COVID-19. The future of our businesses, our people and our industry is under threat. We will face a different post-COVID-19 reality, and our collective response needs to be strong and united.

We shared our readiness to recovery plan for tourism with you in our webinar, which will require collaborative approach in order to ensure its success. With uncertainty of the future being the only certainty, our plans need to be agile in order to respond effectively to this global crisis.

To access a recording of our webinar, please click here. If you would like to access our presentation and share with your network, please click here

Thank you for your questions posed during the webinar. We have noted your concerns and will address those in the upcoming weeks as we unpack our implementation plans which we will share with you. 

We look forward to working alongside you to navigate our way through our ‘new normal’ and encourage your active involvement as we plan for our future state.

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